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23. April 2021 06:26



Another Sold Over Asking Price!!!

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Happy Easter From Our Family To Yours!

2. April 2021 12:43

Dear Mila

We want to wish you all a very Happy Easter to all who celebrate.

We hope you all a wonderful long weekend, and have a chance to spend time with your loved ones. We are starting another lockdown in Ontario, however as an essential service, we are still very busy helping families sell and buy their homes!

In other exciting news, RE/MAX VIP TEAM is expanding!!! We are looking for some new agents to join our RE/MAX Award Winning Team, a part time client relations coordinator/administrator, and a graphics designer.

Even though we are getting busier, our team will continue to practice physical distancing and use all necessary precautions to protect our staff, clients and customers.

If you have any questions or just want some information, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to help! To discuss the sale or purchase of a home, or to get pre-approved for mortgages, contact us directly at 416-562-3021 and Start Packing.



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4. March 2021 09:33

If renting or communal living no longer aligns with your financial and lifestyle goals, you might be ready to purchase a home of your own. 

Are you sick of paying monthly rent that contributes to someone else’s mortgage payment? Are you craving the freedom to repaint walls? Or, are you looking to build wealth through what is often considered a smart investment? If so, it sounds like it may be time to start your homebuying process.Consider these six reasons that help affirm you’re ready to become a first-time homebuyer.

1. You crave the freedom to personalize and renovate

Owning a home gives you the freedom to express yourself by completely customizing interior and exterior spaces. You no longer have to abide by regulations regarding wall colors or hanging art. Additionally, you can remodel and renovate your home as you see fit. From small projects, like changing cabinet pulls, to big projects, like tearing down a wall or adding hardwood floors, you have the authority to make decisions regarding design.

2. You’ve outgrown your space

An obvious reason to move is when you’re tight on space. For many, this could be because you’re expanding your family – think a baby on the way, more pets, aging children who want their own bedrooms or in-laws that are here to stay.A shift in lifestyle patterns, like working from home and online schooling, means you may be on the hunt for more quiet workspaces. And, if you have hobbies or own outdoor equipment, it may also be time to assess your storage needs – like an attic or garage.

3. You seek outdoor accessibility

In apartment living, outdoor space is limited – and sometimes crowded. When you buy a home, a criterion may be a grassy yard, deck or patio space. Whatever your preference may be, you’re likely seeking a way to enjoy the outdoors with privacy.Having your own outdoor space means room for entertaining and room for exercise. Plus, you can accentuate the curb appeal of your home with exterior décor like potted plants, flower boxes, furniture and seasonal holiday flare.

4. You’re done with fees and rules

A major downside to renting is paying for a property that you do not own, and therefore is not your personal investment. Apartment fees go toward necessary services, like garbage disposal, but also may contribute to amenities you don’t use, like a gym or pool.Additionally, apartment communities often have time restrictions and limited hours on resources you would like to take advantage of.

5. You’re ready to make an investment

Have you been saving for a down payment? Though the initial cost can often be a barrier to entry for first-time homebuyers, the down payment may not need to be as high as you think.Once you’ve saved enough money for that initial investment, however, the monthly costs associated with homeownership can be similar to what you would have paid in monthly rent. Only this time, your payments contribute to your property becoming an asset. The more you pay off your mortgage, the more valuable your home is to your personal net worth.

6. Long-term happiness

One of the biggest reasons to purchase a home is for the stability and security it provides you and your family. You can truly settle into the space and life can slow down a bit.With the ability to personalize most aspects, and by thinking of it as a long-term investment, a home of your own becomes the place you cross milestones, celebrate holidays and create lasting memories.



11. February 2021 04:50


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Community Report York:Strong buyer interest driven by record low interest rates and low inventory led to a very strong seller's market. Realtors were identified earlu on as an "essenttial service" and we had to adapt our business practices to keep transactions running smoothly and safely. Many people are wondering if this level of interest and growth is sustainable, but January 2021 seems to be off to a strong start